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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It started out with...

I had to go have blood work done this morning, and after fasting all night I woke up and had to remind myself that I couldn't have any coffee. Grouch radar overload. Then as I get in my car I'm suddenly starving. Like my stomach wants to eat my backbone kind of hungry. So, no coffee... no food. Fuck. 
At this point I wouldn't be surprised if I put my underwear on backwards. I didn't though... luckily. 

Traffic on the interstate was crazy bad. Understandably so with people traveling because of the holiday. I just want to get to my appointment, have my blood drawn and find the nearest coffee shop. I get there and wind up having to call my insurance co, I forgot my insurance card and even though they have all of my insurance info... they want a copy of the card. I was pissed. Really?! I call the insurance company... the lady is rude. I'm like I just want you to fax a copy of my insurance... that's all. At this point the girl behind behind the counter says... just forget it, come on back. I got you. Hallelujah! 

As I'm sitting there my son says while laughing... "WOW... that's a really big pointy needle." I'm like "Really son?! Thanks for pointing it out." Lol
After the labs were done I decided on an impromptu visit to the grocery store. Big fricken mistake. All before coffee?! Good lord it was packed in there... so bad. And being that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, well you can pretty much imagine how that went.
Last minute while at checkout getting ready to pay for my stuff I had to have... I saw a wine rack to the right of me... beckoning me... whispering... "Amanda... come get me."
Eyes to the heavens and a quick thanks to baby jesus, because I snagged a bottle of that cheap ass wine off that rack (don't judge cheap is better than none and it was the only stuff on the rack. I wasn't battling any more people in that store). I then cradled that jug like it was made of precious gold and deposited it on the counter.
I even let the dude help me take my items to the car. He was desperate for an escape from the inside of the store and who am I to disappoint? He made me laugh the entire walk. There is a reason I love my local grocery store. They are awesome. So are their employees. Which I totally appreciate. 
Now, I'm home finally... and am enjoying a huge ass cup of coffee... I need to catch up on a ton of stuff... and then later the wine. Lots and lots of wine.

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