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Amanda Michelle

Mother of Pearl… Greetings!

I’m stoked that you found your way here. I am Amanda, the owner/creator of The Adventures of Badass Women.
I am a girl on a mission and determined to help people change their lives- while changing my own.

Like most of you, I am over having to “water myself down” or tiptoe around everything and everyone, just to survive. Because that is not living. It is important to me I be who I am, not what or who anyone else thinks I should be.

At our fingertips is an unlimited amount of opportunity. Only, it is up to us to reach out and grab it. There have been times I was guilty of allowing self-doubt to hinder my progress. Fear is a bitch, and it will cripple you… IF… if you let it.

When we were little kids, our imaginations took us everywhere. We could be anything we wanted… and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could say that would have made us think differently. And then what? One day we had seen enough or heard enough doubt from other people… that it eventually rooted itself in us, and then we stopped believing.

But, guess what?! The bullshit that weaseled its way into your mind… and made you believe you were not worthy, or not enough…? Was (is) a fricken liar!

The good news though? As of right this second. This very instant! You are free to let that shit go. You are free to choose who you are and who you want to be… and know that if you want it bad enough? You will be.

So, with that being said…. Here… within this Blog -where you will find many things I love… I hope you find a little inspiration to do and be everything you have ever wanted.

This Blog is my sounding board. The content you find here, whether it be everyday ups and downs, my creations and DIY projects, Self-Help, my Love of Coffee, Sharing my favorite things, my Photos, How-To,…. Saving/Making Money, and there is no telling what else... lol.

^^ I could go on for days… but… if you are my kind of people… my unique tribe of Badass? Then pull up a seat… laugh and cry with me. Because life did not come with a handbook. We live, we try, we learn… and I would absolutely love to have all of you on board with me!  

Please note, this Blog is undergoing changes and updates... be sure to check back again soon!


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  1. So proud of how far you have come. It took great courage to see your way here, and to continue your journey will be the most courageous acts yet. Much love! 💞


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