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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Put That Trend To Bed.... Keep Your Lipstick Inside of Your Lip Line!




 Put That Trend To Bed... 

Keep Your Lipstick Within Your Lip Line!

Trends happen... You following them is up to you.... But some of them should have been put bed the second they started.... This one I speak of now... being one of them.

I don't know why anyone thought for a second that putting your lipstick on, around the OUTSIDE, of the lip line was cute... but it isn't. It isn't enhancing anything... except maybe the ability to look like a clown... and I heard Ronald McDonald called and he wants his look back.

On the real? You do not need to follow the trends of other people. Especially if they're giving you ideas to do shit like this. If you know someone who is rocking the "all around the mouth look"? Real friends do not let their friend roll that way. It's time for an intervention. Sit that girl down and tell her what time it is. This is like when you're out with your BFF and you notice they have a booger. You tell them. Unless you're that asshole friend who is like secretly laughing about it and let's it go... (I hope not... but these people exist lol).

So, yeah... this trend? Needs to be buried. Once and for all. It isn't pretty. It looks like you forgot how to put it on correctly. I personally would never want to leave my house like that.

Embrace that natural line. It looks good on you. Really.

Believe when I say, that you do NOT want to go out of the house as a grown individual and look like you have no clue how to properly apply your lipstick. Don't be that person. I am pretty sure that whoever thought up that trend did so in order to laugh at people. I don't care what celebrity is doing it.... you don't need to follow it.

Some days it is best to let them go their own way and take their trends with them.

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