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Monday, November 14, 2016

Breaking Down So We Can Get Back Up!

We all have a past. We all have things that we would much rather forget. A lot of people turn to drugs, food, alcohol, sex... to just try and forget.... even if just for a few minutes. We do our best to push the memories away. The harder we try to forget the stronger the grip of the memory becomes and we fight... fight not to feel... fight to not remember. We try and do whatever we can to escape. Escaping is so much easier than facing the memories that are driving us mad. We do everything in our power to be someone else and slowly we start becoming something that we don't even recognize. 

We fight against who we were -who we are... we beat our fists against a brick wall trying desperately to see beyond, but it's just too strong. Too well built. The wall that we've built ourselves...

To keep people out. 

To hide. 

To feel safe.

But are we really safe? What is the use in hiding? 

Hiding means we will never heal. Those broken and shattered pieces will never be put back together. We can't grow, we can't move on until we face what we're trying to hide, trying to forget... and find acceptance within ourselves.   

We have to fight for us... you have to fight for you... for the people who love you.

We have to embrace that we are not perfect, nor will we ever be... No one is. Not one single person. We all have scars. We're all a little broken and wounded, and somehow found a way to survive.

The biggest war you will ever fight is the one that is waging inside of you. 
And when put to the test we will suit up and go to battle. 
So stop second guessing yourself. 

Stop hating yourself. 

Stop hiding yourself. 

Embrace everything that you are. Our mistakes are what teach us. Our mistakes are what make us who we are... we need to learn from them and grow. Dig deep and find a way to accept what was, what is and let go.

Fall down and fall apart. Kick, cry, scream... do whatever it is you have to, but do it. You can. I believe in you. And regardless of what people think - those who don't support and accept you, don't matter.

Break through the barriers because the world is missing you. We need you. The real you.

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