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Monday, September 17, 2018

No Perfect People


There is not one single perfect person in this world. 

There isn't... 

...and while some would like you to believe otherwise.... 

Everyone you meet has a past. 
Everyone has told a lie.  
Everyone has done something they're not proud of.... 

We're all guilty of not so stellar moments.

 I know I sure as hel'll have plenty of my own. I won't say I'm proud of that, but I'm human. I'm real. You can't change the past, but you can damn sure... change your present and your future. 

The difference with some people than with others? A lot of us have or will own up to our mistakes.... while others point fingers and seem to forget that their shit stinks just as bad as everyone else's... The last I checked? Unless they're "masking it" with some "poopouri" it's just as rank as the next persons. 

Here's the thing... evey decision you've made has lead you to this point in your life... That includes the good, the bad and the ugly. But this very moment that you're in... you have an opportunity to do good. You can choose to either let those assholes stall your progress or you can show the whole gd world what you're made of... **not that you need to impress anyone**... But you sure as fuck can strive to do better and be a little better than you were yesterday. Each day that you try is progress. 

The only competition you have is with yourself -not another human being. Let them have their opinions... and allow your character and your choices speak for you.  

Believe me... I know that some folks would rather see you down than on the up.... and when you find yourself in a position of Judgement... Make sure you take a good long look in the mirror and remember that those fools don't matter. They are not any better than anyone else. You matter. You really do. We all do. 

I'm here to help remind you... That YOU are a gift. You have something unique to offer the world whether you realize it or not. Something that no one else can or will.  

Every moment...every second that you're breathing is a moment you've been given to continue writing your life's story. 

You hold the pen... 

Make it a story worth reading. 

... I believe in you. 😘 



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