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Sunday, March 5, 2017

A letter to my dad.

Today was tough. So fricken tough!! And then I missed my dad so much because I wanted to be able to talk to him so bad. I wanted to hear his voice. I wanted a giant ass bear hug. (I miss those so much)....

Life without a loved one isn't always easy. Especially when things are really hard and you can't reach out to them the way you used to anymore.

So, after much thought... I decided that I was going to write him a letter. I told him everything that was bothering me and in my head I played it over and over what he would say to me. He used to make me laugh so much. I'm talking full on almost pee your pants type of belly laugh. It was crazy and it was amazing.

I wrote him a letter and I addressed it to him in Heaven. Using his nickname... Lol... Long story there, but I give everyone a nickname. His just happened to be "Pappy le Pew". I may tell you about it some other time.

Yes, I am actually going to mail this. I am going to pretend that he is going to get it. Call me crazy, call me whatever you want actually... I don't care.

Why am I posting this? Because I know most of you miss someone as much as I do. And I want you to know that just because the people we love aren't here anymore -that doesn't mean we can't find a way to "reach" them. In my case... it was sending a letter to my dad.


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