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Faery Enchanted

Mother of Pearl. 

I am so excited to be able to share my Faery Enchanted line with you guys. One of my first loves as far back as I remember is Faeries. I was obsessed when I was a kid and never grew out of it. I loved looking at pictures of all of the beautiful figurines, handmade houses and accessories that people would make. 

I just fell in love. It was only natural that as I grew older that I would want to build my own and share them with you and the world. I hope you will love them as I much as I do. 

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Everything you find here is handmade by me. All of my items are customized and unique... no two pieces are alike. I do not duplicate them. In my opinion they all deserve it’s own touch of magic and love. Besides... I’ve never met a Fairy or been inside a realm where everything matched. Different and unique is beautiful and glorious.

What you’ll find within these pages are Fairy Houses (each vary in size... from tiny to large and some have much more detail than others), Accessories (beds, chairs, tables, vanities,, swings, staircases, carriages... and whatever else the Fairies whisper inn my ear or my imagination can dream up). I also  have a close connection with the Queen of Faery herself, this means, that I can have letters and fairy dust put together pretty quickly.

Check out my Gallery to see some of my more recent items and a couple of builds that are in the works. 

(Note: The gallery is currently being updated so be sure to check back soon!)


Applications for Pre-Orders now being accepted! 

** I am currently acceptiing apps for Christmas Orders. In order for them to be completed and delivered before the big day -you’ll want to fill out the form below to go over options and details. The bigger the build -the longer it takes, so if you want to get on the list? Contact me asap! * * 

For more information on pricing and additional details... Click on the FAQS  and read there for more detailed info. 

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